Recreate Your Motherhood: A personal growth podcast for the Mother ready to grow and evolve in Motherhood.

As a Mindset and Mindfulness Coach I will provide practical tools, personal insights and valuable interviews to support you with whatever stage of your Motherhood journey you are at.

Through this podcast we will walk side by side as we embark on this beautiful transformation of growth together.

Most recent episodes below:

15. Building self-trust: Forgiving the prior versions of yourself Recreate Your Motherhood

Something I see so often is women caught in indecision or second guessing themselves because they don’t trust themselves. Trusting yourself is so important when it comes to making decisions, having confidence in yourself and seeing your self-worth.  When you establish self-trust you can call on it when you need it because there are going to be times when you second guess yourself, question yourself and don’t see your worth however if you trust yourself you can make a decision from a place of trust, knowing that regardless of what happens you trust you will figure it out.  One of the reasons I see women don’t trust themselves is because they are looking back at a prior versions of themselves and not forgiving themselves for who they were in the past.  The version of yourself you are now is different to the version of yourself in the past. The wisdom, knowledge and experience you have now is not the same you had yesterday. This is why it’s so important to look back with compassion and forgive yourself for the decisions you’ve made in the past.   If you find yourself caught in indecision, lacking confidence or not seeing your self-worth this episode is for you.  Links:  Website: http://www.themotherhoodhub.com/  Instagram: @the_motherhood_hub 
  1. 15. Building self-trust: Forgiving the prior versions of yourself
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